Become a DREAM Community Partner

DREAM Community Partners are a cohort of small businesses and specialty vendors working together to help Downtown Summerville become a better place to dine, shop, visit and stay! Community Partners receive value pricing for event participation, expanded marketing and B2B connections.

DREAM Community Partners are recognized as trusted advisors and share the benefits of working together to meet market challenges, community trends and sales disruptions. DREAM Community Partners embrace the “I am because we are” mindset and together we all succeed.

DREAM Community Partner membership is required to participate as a vendor in DREAM events. Community Partnership investment is for 12 months and based on your anniversary date. Fees are and is designed to be affordable, and value based as “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

There is no additional required involvement, however, your participation is a direct reflection of the return on investment.

The DREAM Objectives

  • evelopment, Economic Vitality, and Investment
  • elationships, Associates and Friends
  • ntertainment, Performance and Events
  • esthetics, Beautification and Placemaking
  • arketing, Outreach and Communications

DREAM operates in the “Main Street” format

We are a nonpolitical nonprofit organization with a self-selected board of directors and four different committees (design, economic vitality, promotions, and organization) composed of business owners, town staff, community leaders and entrepreneurs.

DREAM meets frequently with all stakeholders to identify market trends and respond to different challenges from evolving community demographics, emerging markets, online shopping, just in time inventory (or lack of inventory) and general competition.

DREAM continues to find creative solutions to help small businesses reinvest in themselves and reinforce the Summerville historic district as that “great good place.” Our results over the past 30 years demonstrate that we have held to our community’s core values and history while welcoming new businesses and innovations.

Historic Downtown Summerville will always be evolving, and DREAM is dedicated to helping lead with a steadfast eye on new horizons, small business expansion and development integrity.

Advertisement Opportunities

DREAM has unique marketing and sponsorship opportunities throughout the year. Have your company recognized as a contributing business of Third Thursday, Christmas Parade, Sweet Tea Festival and other DREAM events. For more information, contact us today!